Spoken English course at Barrackpore

SPOKEN ENGLISH COURSE at IITI Barrackpore is designed for all. Learn methodically and gain confidence.


What will you gain after completing the Spoken English course

After completing the Spoken English course here at the best Spoken English Institute of Barrackpore you will be confident enough to overcome the challenges you faced in the past while communicating with others in English. Altogether, you will find yourself a different person with a never before level of confidence.

Following are the areas where you will improve after completing the Spoken English course.

1. Improved pronunciation:  

After completing the Spoken English course your English pronunciation will be highly improved.

2. Increased fluency:  

With our extensive practice sessions your English speaking fluency will go up to a great extent.

3. Enhanced vocabulary:  

With broader vocabulary in our Spoken English course, you will learn to express yourself more effectively and at the same time understand others much better. than before.

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