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DPAHNE | 18 Months | Diploma Course

Course Detail

Basic Electronics
Motherboard and Microprocessor
Removable Disk and Disk Drive
Hard Disk Technology
Memory Management
PC Assembling
Different types of OS Installation
Driver and Application Software Installation
Power Supply(SMPS)
Concept of Printer and Monitor
Network Fundamentals
IP Addressing
Network LAN Infrastructure
Server Installation and Configuration
Concept of WAN Infrastructure
Bus Architecture & Data Transmission.
Concept of Command Prompt

Introduction to Internet and Networking
Network Devices and Media
Network Topology
Network devices
Understanding Media & Topology
OSI layer & TCP/IP model
Concept of IPv6
Concept of Wireless Networking
Connecting & Troubleshooting a Network
Concept of Network Security.
Project and Presentation

Introduction to Linux OS
Linux Installation
Linux Commands
Linux Administration
Project and Presentation

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Can I do DPAHNE course?

Min. qualification – Class X

How can I take Admission?

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Advance Diploma Course

DPIAM – (Diploma Program in Advance Multimedia)

DPAHNE – (Diploma Program in Advance Hardware and Network Engineering)